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Congratulations to Shenzhen Winsemi Microelectronics co., LTD won the national

Recently, Shenzhen Winsemi Microelectronics co., LTD, after the enterprise declaration, local first trial, expert review and publication, received "High-tech Enterprise Certificate"issued by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Committee, Shenzhen Finance Committee, Shenzhen National Tax Bureau and Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau joint. High-tech enterprise qualification is valid for three years. Certificate number: GR201344200273, issuing time is on July 22, 2013.

WINSEMI, founded in 2000, is a professional enterprise, which is specialized in R&D, production and marketing of microelectronics.Meanwhile, we also provide complete system solutions for our customers.  

Company’s major products: 

Company’s major products: power management IC (PMIC), Field-effect transistor (FET), bipolar transistor, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), TRIAC, ultra fast recovery diode, Schottky diode, IGBT 

Products are mainly applied in: 

LED drive power、Green lighting、Charger、Adapter、UPS power、PC switch power、Automotive electronics、Household appliances control panel、Industrial equipment product(electrical welding machine, frequency converter, inverter power) etc. 

According to relevant regulations, in the effective period high-tech enterprise can apply for tax reduction or exemption.promotion.At the same time brand and capital and other aspects can enjoy the national preferential policies and incentives. Winsemi will be adhering to the style and tradition, make good use of existing resources and policy, to further improve our value, establish WINSEMI for  first-class microelectronics corporation. 

Shenzhen Winsemi Microelectronics co., LTD