We offer our partner platform to show their talent completely,
and provide the full of incentive salary system and comprehensive welfare system !




1、Five social insurance and one housing fund, and comprehensive protection.

2、Business Personal Accident Insurance, dual protection.

3、Legal festivals and paid annual leave, ensuring working passion.

4、dinner allowance, first-of-the-season afternoon fruit, refreshment tea-cake, enjoying working.

5、Health check-up will be provide every year, put your family and you at ease.

6、hold a birthday Party every month and send you a carefully designed and memorable birthday gift.

7、providing many opportunities of pre-job training and in-service training , to improve your skills.

8、all kinds of sports activities and traveling are held regularly every year, to build up your body and relax yourself.

9、New year -celebrating dinner party is held every year, to show ourselves and greet the new year.