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The 2015 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition to See Winsemi

On June 12, 2015, the annual guangzhou international lighting exhibition came to a happy termination. In this grand exihibition, Winsemi as a shining star, brought his     bright light.




n this exhibition, Winsemi innovated new products,explored and communicated the new trend of technology with the industry friends from all over the world together.received the high evaluation in the exhibition. Winsemi showed three highlights: 

1.High quality customers  

During the exhibition period, the exhibition booths were very popular. Customers of the brands of MEC, Winovo, Sanxiong Aurora, Opal, Les, GE, Fozhao and cuboidal lighting were all present at the exhibition booths to discuss and exchange ideas, international friends also came to the scene one after another to see the steady style.


2.Star product 

WS9420——IC constant-current completely without capacitance simplest program 





3, the professional team

Winsemi has the most professional sales elite and FAE, they uphold the "let customers feel simple, easy, satisfied" service concept in the exhibition for customers to consulting.


The end of the exhibition, but also a new start, we will absorb the harvest for the New Year's progress, the next meeting, we will bring you more wonderful! you should be there in  2016 !