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【Product Belongs Series】:LED driver IC
【Product Model】:WS3110
【Product Application】LED lighting,Down light,Tube lamp,PAR lamp,Bulb.


Fast start-up time.
Low operation current  (0.6mA).
PSR control with Single stage PFC topology.
Programmable output current and output voltage.
Internal Line and Load compensation.
Internal soft-start.
Built in Leading edge blanking (LEB).

Cycle-by-cycle Over-Current Protection.
VCC over-voltage protection (VCC-OVP).
VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO).
Over temperature protection (OTP).
Transformer saturation protection.
Inter power-mos saturation protection.
Output LED open/short protection.
CS pin open/short protection.

WS3110 is a power factor correction,primary-side-control LED lighting driver with advanced features to provide high efficiency control for lighting application.
WS3110 applies source driver technology,its internal fast start-up circuit greatly shorten the start-up time while keeping extremely low standby power consumption.
With internal line-compensation, the WS3110 provides accurate constant current (CC±5%) regulation at universal AC input.
WS3110 offers complete protection coverage with automatic self-recovery feature including cycle by cycle over current protection (OCP), VCC over-voltage protection (VCC-OVP) and under voltage lockout (UVLO), output LED short/open protection, CS pin short/open protection, and over-temperature protection (OTP). The gate-driven output ST is clamped to maximum 15V to protect the external MOSFET. Excellent EMI performance is achieved by using soft-driver technology.
WS3110 is offered in SOP-8 packages.