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Congratulations on the successful of 2014 WINSEMI microelectronic Co. Ltd´s Spring Festival party with the theme of


On January 12, 2014, shenzhen WINSEMI microelectronics co.,Ltd.´s Spring Festival party was held with the theme of "spur with long accumulation, take the lead" in shenzhen Yafeng International Hotel.The party was started with the opening dance which acted by some young beautiful girls, and the dance also brought all the guests into a different special visual feast. 

Singing and dancing to joy together, decorating with color and light to celebrating the Spring Festival. New Yerar, New Image. Peacefulness, delicacies, smile happily, thundering applause, an image of a peaceful, the taste of happiness showed on everyone´s face, in the cheerful song to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year and make a better tomorrow. 

[WINSEMI] is the convergence of talent, WINSEMI is a place with bright dream and talents. 2013 will become history, and 2014 will be another fresh start, put down the glory history, face it truly, develop another market. In 2014, WINSEMI has a new beginning, we will face more challenges from the market challenges , put down the former glory, and begin a new journey. In this challenging market, opportunities and challenges are  ubiquitous, success or failure may change quickly in a flash.
Even the trials and hardships, people in WINSEMI are confident forever, and their spirit  "perfection pursuing "will live forever. In 2014,let´s go ahead, and overcome any difficulties to welcome the glory.

In the Party of biding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, Let´s carry happiness through to the end.Wonderful programs played one after another, song, dance beautiful, beautiful round of beautiful huan, the thunder of applause, and three days. Let´s aftertaste the unique visual feast!