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               Car power inverter:Power inverter could transfer the DC 12V into alternating current of AC 220V, the same with electric supply, and it is a convenient car                                                                power inverter and it is used in general electrical appliances.

               Circuit structure diagram and function:


                    Car power inverter mainly includes two parts:
                    The part of charger protection mainly contain under voltage protection, high voltage protection and over current protection.
                    Inverter part mainly includes high frequency boost pressure inverter, full bridge rectifier, inverter bridge inverter (power frequency inverter)


 Loop topological graph is as above

Circuit structure

Serial number


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Q1     Q2

60—100V Mosfet

WFP32005T  WFW064N  SFP50N06  WFP50N06  WFP540  WFP70N06


D1   D2   D3   D4

600V FRD

WDP8S60H   WDP10S60   WDP8S60P   WDF8S60P


Q3   Q4   Q5   Q6

600V Mosfet

WFF4N60S  WFP4N60S  WFF5N60S  WFP5N60S  WFF8N60S WF8N60S  WFF4N60  WFF5N60  WFF8N60

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