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Inverter, also called inverter power, is a kind of convertor device by transferring DC into AC. Photovoltaic inverter is the inverter applied in solar photovoltaic power generation system, and is also an important component of photovoltaic system.
They could be classified into 3 kinds as per their output power: Mini photovoltaic inverter (below 1KW), string-type photovoltaic inverter (1KW to 30KW) and centralized photovoltaic inverter (above 30KW). 


Circuit structure and function

DC filter---input of the PV-Photovoltaic module makes it smooth through LC filter circuit.

Booster circuit---make the input voltage increased to the voltage value needed for inverter through booster circuit (Output voltage of AC 220V needs to increase to            above 400V; Output voltage of AC 380V needs to increase to above 800V), and make the MPPT have peak power output.
Inverter circuit---transfer the output into power frequency AC output (AC220V/AC380V) needed by power grid through inverter circuit. The commonly used inverter top    structures contain full bridge inverter, half bridge inverter, fly back inverter and three-level inverter.
Output protection circuit---through connecting the relay with the power grid to fulfill the protection of voltage on systems and power grid. 
 Communications and man-machine control---communications circuit is for interactive communications between systems and power grid, while manmachine
  interactive system is for the control between man and system as well as for information acquisition.


Topology map above

Circuit structure


Performance requirement

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Chargers store and charge

80-200V Mosfet

WFP540   WFP650   WFP640   WFP18N20


Booster circuit

600-1200V Mosfet,IGBT

WGA40G60   WGW40G60W  WGW40G120W


High frequency inverter circuit

600-1200V Mosfet,IGBT

WGA40G60   WGW40G60W   WGW40G120W


Rectifier circuit

600-1200V FRD

WDW30D60N    WDW30D60


Power frequency inverter circuit

600-1200V Mosfet,IGBT

WGA40G60   WGW40G60W   WGW40G120W

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